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Sugar & Spice May 31, 2009

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L 254 bw texture

L 265 texture

L 232 texture

L 235

L 84

And everything sweet…that’s what this little girl is. I got to take her off on my own, so mom has no idea what she’s in for. So SURPRISE! She was such a dolly and was so excited to talk about going to Chuck E. Cheese after pictures.


5 Responses to “Sugar & Spice”

  1. Granma Linda Eidem Says:

    Oh Libby you are my dolly, and you are so beautiful. I love you

  2. Leslie Lessard Says:

    She is such a beatiful little girl, I don’t think they make them like this anymore!!! Sara, I want a 5×7!!

  3. Mom Says:

    Wow!! I love love love them!! You only posted 4 pics and I’m already having a hard time deciding!!

  4. J'Lynn Says:

    How cute is she?!? I adore that first shot, great job!!!

  5. Favorite Auntie Amy Says:

    OMG! I almost didn’t recognize Libby cause she is getting so big!! I can’t even stand it! They grow way too fast! Miss you guys!

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