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Love is in the Air June 29, 2009

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It was such an honor to be asked to photograph this beautiful couples wedding yesterday. A little over 3 years ago she took care of my oldest 2 children for about 5 months. She was fabulous with them and I know she will make a fantastic wife! Despite all the bouts of down pours we still managed to make it outdoors for pictures between all the storms (I think there were 3 to be exact). They decided to wait to see each other until she walked the aisle, so finally towards the end of the night we got to sneak away to capture some moments of just the 2 of them! Congratulations and may you be blessed with a lifetime of happiness!

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Miss “T”: South Fargo Senior June 26, 2009

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I just LOVE taking pictures of high school seniors…and when they are so photogenic it makes it even more fun!! Miss “T” was fun, photogenic, talkative, and up for trying anything. I had a blast doing your session. I know I told you that I probably wouldn’t get a chance to blog your pictures until after the weekend…but I was too anxious to go through them. I’ll post some of your urban ones later. Thanks for the fun session!!



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A Morning At the Arboretum June 20, 2009

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Early this week I got to spend some time in the cities visiting some friends and doing some photo sessions. We spent the morning at the arboretum – until lunch time and nap time hit. We were hoping to go back for the afternoon, but the rain ruined that plan! Man I wish I had a macro lens!

All was peaceful and beautiful until…





I got caught by this toad loving boy…


put me down…PUT ME DOWN!


Oh man, I give up!! No use fighting with this guy…I just hope my legs are all still attached when he is done with me!!



Mr. Explorer June 12, 2009

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This little guy was quite the explorer and taste tester! Everything went in the mouth from rocks to twigs to leaves and even shells…or at least he attempted before mom and dad grabbed it from him. He had his first try at seafood…wonder if he likes clams?? And check out dad’s cool car!

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C 148 bw crop

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Doughnuts & Sprinkles June 4, 2009

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Could it get much better? What you don’t see behind the scene is that the doughnuts got a bit warm before we got to our destination, the chocolate had already started melting, my littlest one was covered in frosting before she even took a bite, took a bite and grabbed another doughnut…took a bite and grabbed another… (you get the picture), my middle one slipped on the step and stepped on all the other doughnuts, and when all was said and done  and mom got a couple pictures, there was a BIG mess everywhere. By then my fingers were too covered to even touch my camera anymore! I have been enjoying my time off of teaching and just having fun hanging out with my kiddos. Even if things get crazy and messy!!


So Many Expressions June 3, 2009

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I 83 edit

I love all the expressions that come with the faces of little ones. Little Miss “I” was full of them her last session too, but I think she added a few new ones this time. I love the tongue hanging out! Thanks mom for letting me capture some moments for you again!!