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A Date with my 5 year old July 29, 2009

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This is one of the first smiles I get to wake up to each day! He’s my snuggler, my charmer, my comedian, and yes…even my little stinker. When you are one of three and especially the middle child it’s pretty great when you can get some one-on-one time with mom or dad. But, this one cost me! His bribery…obviously a bag of candy to begin with…and then a trip to the D.Q. for a brownie batter blizzard. His big sister and I had a girls night out a few nights prior and she happened to spill the beans about her D.Q. trip…so we had to keep things somewhat equal. But, I think mom got the better end of the deal…some great shots of her 5 year old. He’s claims he’s not my little man any more, now that he’ll soon be heading to kindergarten he thinks he’s my “BIG” little man.






3 Responses to “A Date with my 5 year old”

  1. Sabreena K. Says:

    What a great job he did modeling for you!! He totally earned that candy!

  2. J'Lynn Says:

    Great shots & what a handsome little guy!

  3. Oh he is a wee cutie, love the colour 🙂

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