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Fun with Silly Putty July 31, 2009

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We have had some strange weather lately…cold, then the sun comes out and it gets hot, then black clouds roll over and the rain comes out of no where, etc., etc. So we decided to find something fun to do indoors…and what messier thing to do other than make some silly putty. It’s quick and easy…BUT it’s messy!

If you are looking for something gooey to do the recipe is as follows…start with 1 cup of glue – add a couple TBS of acrylic paint and mix together – gradually mix in 1/2 cup of liquid startch – mix with your hands until the putty is formed.



Remember I mentioned he is my comedian…




5 Responses to “Fun with Silly Putty”

  1. Jaidean Says:

    lol…very cute! Looks like fun!

  2. Yvonne Says:

    ahhh…the joys of silly putty! What a fun way to spend a day inside. Great captures too!!!

  3. J'Lynn Says:

    Ha Ha silly putty is great!

  4. lol love them, they are having a ball 🙂

  5. kim burnham Says:

    wow! how fun are these! what a great idea – I’ll be doing this when our weather goes south:)

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