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First Time for Everything August 6, 2009

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You know the saying there’s a first time for everything…well my next door neighbors got to be the first to try out my red couch, my new lens that came in the mail earlier that day, and a fun new location. So of course I couldn’t decide on which ones to post, so there is some image overload. These kids are the everyday playmates for my kids…and of course their mom keeps me good company too. Thanks for the fun session…I had a lot of fun! Not so sure if you did dad??

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This handsome little guy is 2 and my little 2 year old and him exchange the word “mine!” back and forth quite often, yet love playing with each other.

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And little Miss “M” and my 5 year old are best friends and think that someday they are going to get married and live in our playhouse…such big plans! I think he has some pretty good tastes though!

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14 Responses to “First Time for Everything”

  1. Yvonne Says:

    How fun! Congrats on the new stuff too!!!!

  2. Jen Says:

    Ooh! I love them all! And that red couch- its perfect! Great job!

  3. J'Lynn Says:

    Great shots & couch!!!

  4. Edda Says:

    Wow! I love these! What a gorgeous family! The couch is so cool!

  5. Jaidean Says:

    Beautiful family and love the couch!

  6. Amy Says:

    You’ve done it again Jessi…another awesome job at photographing my family. It will be sooo hard to choose, AGAIN!! Thank you so much!!

  7. Just love, love, love the red couch ones. All of them!

  8. mastershand Says:

    Thanks – and you are so very welcome! I look forward to having the opportunity to take pictures every summer!! Thanks for trying out the couch for me.

  9. Michelle Says:

    Oooh, it looks like you and your new lens got along perfectly. These portraits are great. I love the red couch and the fun family.

  10. kim burnham Says:

    LOVE THESE! awesome location and couch! Love their clothing choices also:)

  11. Taryn Says:

    Love em’ all!!! What a cute family you have Nate and Amy!! 🙂

  12. karenjohnsonnz Says:

    Love your new couch, very cool 🙂
    Your colour is awesome too 🙂

  13. Michelle Says:

    I love these family portraits. It looks like it was so much fun and the one of them all piled on the couch is awesome.

  14. Sabreena K. Says:

    Love this whole session! BEAUTIFUL!

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