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New Blog August 31, 2009

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My blog has changed! You can continue to find sneak peeks and update on my new blog at Hope to see you there!


Miss Madi August 16, 2009

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A couple weeks ago my oldest 2 were in VBS and I got to spend some one-on-one time with my 2 year old. She doesn’t last too long in front of the camera, but she made it long enough for me to capture a few shots. It has been so much fun being home with her this summer…she was barely talking at the beginning of the summer…and now she talks our ear off…usually narrating what I’m doing or always asking what I’m doing.





Christmas Sessions

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Can you believe there are only 133 days until Christmas?? If you are considering a session for Christmas cards…it’s time to book your session. I am offering the following specials for the following dates…Sat. Sept. 19th and Sat. Sept. 26th. (These are my only 2 open weekends available for Sept. sessions) I will be able to book 5 sessions for each date…so be sure to book your session soon!! You may contact me at 218-498-0393 or email me at

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First Time for Everything August 6, 2009

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You know the saying there’s a first time for everything…well my next door neighbors got to be the first to try out my red couch, my new lens that came in the mail earlier that day, and a fun new location. So of course I couldn’t decide on which ones to post, so there is some image overload. These kids are the everyday playmates for my kids…and of course their mom keeps me good company too. Thanks for the fun session…I had a lot of fun! Not so sure if you did dad??

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This handsome little guy is 2 and my little 2 year old and him exchange the word “mine!” back and forth quite often, yet love playing with each other.

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And little Miss “M” and my 5 year old are best friends and think that someday they are going to get married and live in our playhouse…such big plans! I think he has some pretty good tastes though!

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Fun with Silly Putty July 31, 2009

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We have had some strange weather lately…cold, then the sun comes out and it gets hot, then black clouds roll over and the rain comes out of no where, etc., etc. So we decided to find something fun to do indoors…and what messier thing to do other than make some silly putty. It’s quick and easy…BUT it’s messy!

If you are looking for something gooey to do the recipe is as follows…start with 1 cup of glue – add a couple TBS of acrylic paint and mix together – gradually mix in 1/2 cup of liquid startch – mix with your hands until the putty is formed.



Remember I mentioned he is my comedian…




Mr. “T”: West Fargo Senior July 30, 2009

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Here is a sneak peek from a recent senior session. We had fun goofing around and making the best of it for a guy. Typically, a senior girl could keep going with their session for a long time…clothing changes, shoe changes, trying pose after pose, and on it goes. Guys on the other hand usually keep it short and simple – they usually have their session done because of MOM. Thanks for the fun session “T”! Hope it was pretty painless for you!






A Date with my 5 year old July 29, 2009

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This is one of the first smiles I get to wake up to each day! He’s my snuggler, my charmer, my comedian, and yes…even my little stinker. When you are one of three and especially the middle child it’s pretty great when you can get some one-on-one time with mom or dad. But, this one cost me! His bribery…obviously a bag of candy to begin with…and then a trip to the D.Q. for a brownie batter blizzard. His big sister and I had a girls night out a few nights prior and she happened to spill the beans about her D.Q. trip…so we had to keep things somewhat equal. But, I think mom got the better end of the deal…some great shots of her 5 year old. He’s claims he’s not my little man any more, now that he’ll soon be heading to kindergarten he thinks he’s my “BIG” little man.